Sandown Historical Society & Museum

The Sandown Historical Society & Museum was founded in 1977 to preserve Sandown town history and to restore the town-owned historic train depot in the center of town as a museum.



Jon Wells, President
Jim Weber, Vice Present
Bob Brouder, Treasurer
Eric Reuter, Secretary
Sue Depouy, Curator

Sandown Historical Society and Museum Officers


Depot Assessment Report

On December 21, 2015 Barrett Architecture was retained by the Town of Sandown to prepare a report concerning our historic railroad depot property. The report provides information concerning the present historic certification of the existing property, provide an overview and assessment of the past and present condition of the historic property, and provide recommendations as to proper repair, revitalization, restoration, and long term preservation of the historic property.



Due to our organization's size, we are not required to complete IRS Form 990.