History of the Boston Post Cane

Originally a publicity stunt, the Boston Post newspaper unknowingly started a New England tradition back in 1909. The newspaper sent out gold-tipped canes to 700 towns across Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island to be presented to the oldest citizen. Customary to the time, only men were eligible to be presented the cane until 1930 when women were included.

While the Boston Post newspaper went out of business in 1956, the custom of passing the cane from resident to resident continues in many of the towns that received them. Sandown’s Boston Post Cane was lost years ago (do you know where it is?), but in 2016 the Sandown Historical Society and the town’s Old Home Day Committee revived the tradition and had a replica made.

Looking for more information on the Boston Post Cane? Check out the Boston Post Cane Information Center by David Griffin of the Maynard Historical Society.

Sandown's Oldest Resident

Lloyd Lessard

Lloyd was born April 1921 and moved to Sandown in 1952. In his day he was a member of the town's volunteer fire department and today is still involved in many civic organizations including the Historical Society and Masons. At 95-years-old, Lloyd was presented the Boston Post Cane by the Historical Society on November 21, 2016.

Lloyd Lessard

Oldest resident of Sandown